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Crude Oil Solutions

Aetrio Energy identifies optimization opportunities throughout the value chain and executes effective strategies for our clients.

Crude Oil Services

Aetrio Energy is strategically developing its Crude Oil activities to reflect the evolving market for Canadian and USA crude. We are building out a portfolio of midstream assets that create flexibility for storage and product flow management in support of our trading activities.

Aetrio’s asset positions are located at strategic delivery points and hubs in Canada and the USA. In an ever-changing and volatile marketplace, we provide access to physical commodities that complement our trading activities.

We specialize in recognizing and realizing business opportunities for our clients throughout the Crude Oil value chain, including logistics, storage, and scheduling solutions. We provide real-time Crude Oil market information, price monitoring, and expert analysis vital for sustained success in the Crude Oil market.

Trading and Risk Management

We offer commercial support with specially tailored, structured transactions, applying our risk management, financial, and investment expertise. To support our trading activities, we have access to a portfolio of storage and transportation facilities across Canada and the USA. We provide access to markets, price risk management solutions, and accessible credit offerings for crude oil producers, refiners, and marketers.

We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our clients, who value our reputation, reliability, and market knowledge. By offering strategies across the entire value chain, we optimize Crude Oil value for our clients. Backed by our strong market analytic capability, we implement hedging and price risk management programs that are effective – even in an uncertain market environment.

We lead in product quality and real-time communication.
It’s vital to all aspects of success in the Crude Oil industry.

The best prices and opportunities are often hidden from buyers and investors in the Crude Oil market. Incredible deals arise and disappear before most market participants even know they exist. Bringing the best opportunities to our clients, partners and investors is our core expertise. It is the reason we do what we do.

Let’s review your possibilities and
opportunities together.