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Meet Our Team

Assim Bhatti
President & CEO

Assim Bhatti has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Aetrio Energy since 2019. Mr. Bhatti brings 20 years of experience in energy, finance, and leadership to this role.

Prior to his current position at Aetrio Energy, Mr. Bhatti was Business Development Manager at Wintershall Dea International GmbH, an energy company focused on exploration and production services. He held this position from 2014 to 2018 and was responsible for reviewing market trends, developing new opportunities, and proposing ideas to improve revenue and margins. From 2010 to 2014, he was a Trading Operations Specialist, Americas at BB Energy Trading, Ltd. and before that, he worked at Serco Energy LLC for nine years.

Mr. Bhatti holds an MBA and a BS in Information Technology from The University of Manchester.

Daria Kryuchkova
Vice President, Business Development

Daria Kryuchkova joined Aetrio Energy in 2021 as Vice President, Business Development. Her responsibilities include overseeing company initiatives and implementing better business practices.

Before Aetrio Energy, Ms. Kryuchkova served a variety of clients on a contractual basis as a Business Development Analyst. In this role, she helped identify new opportunities, conduct research, foster leads, and provide insights to improve company margins. Prior to this, she held the position of Marketer/Copywriter for Savior Consultancy, an advertising services company.

James Williams
Director, Midstream Operations

James Williams became the Director, Midstream Operations at Aetrio Energy in January 2021. As a senior member of the Board of Directors, he spearheads strategies to steer the company in a positive direction, delivering results on a routine basis. Mr. Williams is a recognized expert in midstream operations that help drive the company operating capabilities including budgetary, resource, risk, and staff management initiatives.

Prior to joining Aetrio Energy, he held the position of Chief Operations Officer for Ellie Social Media Marketing. He has also worked as an Account Executive/Logistics Broker at Unishippers, and later as a Mergers and Acquisitions Associate for Line of Credit.

Mr. Williams was also a Master Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces for 10 years where he was responsible for the training and professional development of non-commissioned members of the regiment.

Mike Shaw
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Mike Shaw is Senior Vice President, Marketing at Aetrio Energy. He was appointed to this role in 2019 and is responsible for overseeing company marketing strategies, initiatives, and market positions to achieve desired business goals.

Before joining the Aetrio Energy executive team, Mr. Shaw worked at ICON Energy Services from 2016 to 2019 where he was Senior Marketing Manager. His extensive background in marketing also includes four years as Marketing Manager at Pan-Alberta Gas Limited and two years as Assistant Marketing Manager at Siteimprove.

Mr. Shaw holds an MBA degree from York University and a BBA from Langara College.

Harry Saha
Contracts Analyst

Harry Saha is Aetrio Energy’s Contracts Analyst. He has held this position since 2019 and plays a pivotal role in working with the Key Account Manager and the National Contract Manager to make successful business decisions and ensure contract compliance.

Before joining the company, Mr. Saha worked for Adventure Energy Services, a consulting and contract company working in the Permian Basin.

Mr. Saha holds a Master’s degree from The University of Manitoba.

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